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Santa Barbara Local Rescue Pets


A sweet and shy girl who is always a bit nervous at first, but warms up quickly and is a huge love bug! She is the wiggle queen - you can always tell how happy she is based on how much her body wiggles along with her tail wags. She is looking for someone to give her a balance of trust and respect so that she can learn how to trust new people, but also understand when she needs to let her person take charge.

To get more information on Raja, please contact DAWG at (805)681-0561


Tiger was so aggressive in his cage that he was scheduled for euthanasia at another shelter. He is now another success story for our ASAP Behavior Team, who took him in, worked with him and voila! He's living in the Lobby at the ASAP cat shelter and loves attention. He is a world class head butter!  Come see Tiger at ASAP, who would love a cat savvy adopter who understands that he may give an occasional love bite.

To get more information on Tiger, please contact ASAP at (805)683-3368


Humphrey is as hunky as they come! He is a 2 year old pup who is trying to find his place in life. He wants to play rough and rowdy, so he needs someone to teach him how to calm down his excitement when meeting new people. Once he gets his spurts of energy out, he turns into a cuddly couch potato and would love to curl up by the fire on cold nights or lounge by the pool on sunny Santa Barbara days! If you think Hunky Humphrey might be the perfect addition to your family, please schedule a time to come visit him!

Go check out Humphrey at DAWG today!  5480 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, Phone 805-681-0561 


Hi, there! My name is Calvin but you can call me One-Eyed-Wonder-Dog! I came to the shelter in Santa Maria on the fourteenth of September, 2016 as a stray. The staff there found out there were some complications with my eye that were irreversible so they made the tough decision to take it out. I really can’t tell much of a difference to be honest with you, it’s like I’ve always had just one! I’m still the happiest eight year old dog you’ve ever met. I’m currently looking for a home for myself and am taking applications. I would just adore someone who has someone home the majority of the day ( since I love people so much) that way there is always a lap for me to sit on. Laps truly are the greatest thing in my opinion. My foster says I should let people now that I am almost fully housebroken! I just need the occasionally reminder (can you blame me? I’m just so excited to be in a home, I can be a smidge forgetful!). I can also share my person with another dog as well. 

Check out Calvin today at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter! 5473 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, Phone: 805-683-3368


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