VPI Pet Insurance

VPI Pet Insurance

More than three decades ago, a group of veterinarians banded together with one goal in mind: to help pets. These pioneers wanted to make sure pet owners everywhere could afford the best possible veterinary care for their pets, and VPI Pet Insurance was born.

Since 1982, when we issued our first policy to television's Lassie, we’ve worked hard to bring our founding vets’ vision to fruition. We’ve earned our reputation as the most trusted pet insurance company in the nation with every pet we’ve insured—one million and counting.

The influence, guidance and support of the veterinary community have helped make us the premier pet insurance company from the start. To date, 11 veterinarians and more than 90 employees with veterinary practice experience work for our company to ensure that we stay abreast of pet health trends and current veterinary practices.

In addition to our veterinary medical expertise, we have on staff highly seasoned insurance professionals. Further strengthening our stability and industry presence, in 2008 we joined the Nationwide® family of companies, one of the largest insurance and financial services corporations in the world.

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